[kohr-ee-uh-spon-dah ns] 

The art of composing dances, planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of dancers via the exchange of letters.

A Letter from Casson & Friends

Dear Friends,

We're so thankful for all of the letters that you sent us for ‘Choreospondance’ in Aberdeen, Scotland - part of their annual DanceLive festival in October 2015. 

We received 134 letters from as far away as Australia and Japan, and created 4 amazing dance performances, using ideas from 84 of your letters (that's over 60% of them!)

You can watch a short trailer of each of the dances, watch the full performances, see photographs, read the credits and even read some of the ideas that we used to create the dances - see if you can spot yours!

Let us know what you think via Twitter using #choreospondance!


Casson & Friends

P.s. If you sent in a letter, keep your eyes on your mailbox!


Choreospondance is a project that invites you to write a letter describing a dance performance that you would like to see!

Casson & Friends then bring as many of these ideas to life as possible in just one week - creating up to four brand new mini dance works!

The first Choreospondance took place in Aberdeen, Scotland as part of Citymoves' DanceLive Festival from 12th - 18th October 2015.

All of the performances were filmed and placed online, so that anyone can see their ideas brought to life wherever they are in the world!

Where will Choreospondance happen next..?


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